Bio Premium Anti Bac Sanitiser – 30 seconds : 6 x 750ML

  • Bio Premium Anti Bac Sanitiser –  30 seconds : 6 x 750ML


Premium Anti Bac Sanitiser 

Pack of 6 x 750ml

A non-fragranced all purpose cleaner with active biocides for the removal of all types of soiling.

Suitable for sanitising food preparation areas. Cleans and decreases all kitchen and food preparation surfaces, display cabinets and service areas without leaving product taint.

A little information on Bio Productions...

Bio Productions are renowned for their environmental ethos, which underpins everything they do. This includes a rigorous testing programme to ensure products minimise their impact on the environment and are proven to work as effectively as, or better than, conventional chemicals.

Bio-Productions have won multiple “Green Apple” awards for Environmental Best Practice, in recognition of their efforts to reduce the impact of cleaning chemicals in the environment. They are proud to be certified to ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 9001 (Quality management systems).

Type Cleaning chemicals
Vendor Bio productions
Tags Multi Purpose Cleaner, Spray

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