Duplex 380B Turbo Cordless

  • Duplex 380B Turbo Cordless


The Duplex 380B Turbo has been developed from the remarkably successful Duplex range of floor cleaning machines.

The 380B is battery operated, sweeps and scrubs all hard floors, dries with two different systems and cleans and dries carpets. The 380B not only benefits from the mechanical pick up utilised by the existing Duplex machines it also incorporates an eco-friendly vacuum. On hard floors the combination of twin brush mechanical pick-up, vacuum and twin squeegees ensures that surfaces are left perfectly dry. The squeegee can be easily lifted and the vacuum turned off when cleaning carpets.

Product Details

Width 380mm

Height 240mm

Length 490mm

Cleaning Width 320mm

Coverage 1500 sq. m per hour

Brush Speed 500rpm

Cleaning Solution Tank Capacity 4 ltr

Recovery Tank Capacity 6 ltr

Sound Level < 70dB

Weight Empty 15kg

Voltage 36v

Motor Power 350w

Type Machinery
Vendor Duplex
Tags Carpet Cleaner, Cordless, Floor Cleaner

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