Duplex 280 Floor Cleaning Machine

  • Duplex 280 Floor Cleaning Machine


The Duplex 280 is a standard twin contra-rotating brush floor cleaning machine. It is suitable for all flooring surfaces including carpets, tiles, wood, marble, vinyl, Timbersafe, Marley, carpet tiles, resin floors, non-slip floors, Tarkett, Flotex and many more.

With a cleaning width of 280 mm (11″) the Duplex 280 floor cleaning machine cleans, scrubs and picks up the dirty water and grime. It’s compact size makes it the perfect choice for premises with smaller floor areas where the larger models would struggle to gain access the Duplex 280 floor cleaning machine is ideal and still delivers powerful cleaning results.

Its brushes are offset to one side and the machine cleans in both directions. The Duplex 280 utilises a single type of universal brush which is both quick and easy to change.

Product Details

Width 280mm

Height 165mm

Length 330mm

Cleaning Width 224mm

Coverage 120 sq. m per hour

Brush Speed 650 - 750 rpm

Max Brush Pressure 200g/sq. cm

Cleaning Solution Tank Capacity 1 ltr

Recovery Tank Capacity 1 ltr

Sound Level 60dB

Weight Empty 13kg

Motor Power 450 watts

Cable Length 10m

Type Machinery
Vendor Duplex
Tags Carpet Cleaner, Floor Cleaner

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