Duplex Janitorial Steam System

  • Duplex Janitorial Steam System


The Janitorial Steam System comprises of a powerful steam cleaner called a Jet Steam Professional, Janitorial Trolley and Steam Mop supplied as one for a convenient cleaning solution.

The Jet Steam Professional steam cleaner is a robust and efficient continuous flow machine which means that there is no downtime for refilling. This is due to the fact that this model has a boiler and a reserve tank so there is no need to de-pressurise to re-fill and lose valuable cleaning time.

The Janitorial Steam System is supplied with a comprehensive kit of tools and accessories which can be stored in the handy receptacles of the trolley which makes transporting the entire system from place to place in the working environment both quick and easy.

These tools and accessories perform a wide range of cleaning tasks from steam cleaning with brush agitation to plug-hole unblocking, upholstery cleaning, grout cleaning, de-greasing of kitchen equipment and many more.

The steam mop of the Janitorial Steam System is a powerful tool to combine cleaning with infection control.

Continuous flow   Yes

Pressure              6 bar

Steam volume     97 g/min

Steam temp        165 C

Water Capacity   4.8 ltr

Weight                12 kg

Voltage               50/60 Hz

Power supply      220/240 v

Boiler power       3000 watts

Cable length       5m

Trolley/mop        standard

Type Steam Cleaner
Vendor Duplex
Tags Steam Cleaning

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