Duplex Jet Steam Professional

  • Duplex Jet Steam Professional


The Jet Steam Professional is a powerful steam cleaner with a 3000 watt element and is robust and reliable enough to breeze through a wide variety of cleaning tasks.

It has a 4.8 litre water capacity and with it’s reserve water tank there is no pressure cap and no down-time for refilling so continuous flow means that you can just carry on steaming without having to de-pressurise and refill.

The Jet Steam Professional steam cleaner is supplied with a comprehensive range of tools and accessories including 4 metre hose,floor tool and detailing brushes.

The Jet Steam Professional makes light work of cleaning tiles, grouting, upholstery, windows, basins, toilets, kitchens and many more.

Continuous Flow  Yes

Pressure               6 bar

Steam Volume      97 g/min

Steam temp          165 C

Water Capacity     4.8 ltr

Weight                  12 kg

Voltage                 50/60 Hz

Power supply        220/240 v

Boiler power         3000 watts

Cable length         5 m

Type Steam Cleaner
Vendor Duplex
Tags Steam Cleaning

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